Components of React-Native

When tried to make a real project on react native, I find it’s really hard to handle the components provided by react native.

It’s confusing that react native discard all the html components and provide its totally new components. Besides, the react native components don’t cover all the html ones. These increase a lot difficulties on the  development of  react native.

So I try to match the react native components with html ones, which will help me in the future’s work.

1. <div> => <View>

<View style=”” > </View>

2. <Img> => <Image>

 <Image source={{uri: ‘;}}> </Image>

3. <ul> => <ListView>



renderRow={(rowData) => <Text>{rowData}</Text>} />
visit here for details

4. <span> => <Text>

<Text> Hello World</Text>

5. <input> => <TextInput>


style={{height: 40, borderColor: ‘gray’, borderWidth: 1}}

onChangeText={(text) => this.setState({text})}

value={this.state.text} />

visit here for details

6. <Button> => <Button>

firstly, install this lib:  npm install  apsl-react-native-button

Secondly, add “import Button from ‘apsl-react-native-button‘ ” into code;

<Button style={{backgroundColor: ‘red’}}  textStyle={{fontSize: 18}}>

visit here for details
we can use react-native-button as well.

7. <Select> => <ListPopover>

firstly, install this lib:  npm install react-native-list-popover

Secondly, add “import ListPopover from ‘react-native-list-popover‘ ” into code;


visit here for details

Of course this isn’t the best matching one, but I think this is the simplest one.


To be continued.



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